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Started in 1993 Boldone Productions has been involved in multimedia ventures involving audio, photography animation film and storyline consulting.

Blair Stanford has a background in IT, philosophy and theology and has done video editing, commercial voice and film acting.
Anna Stanford is a photographer and veterinary surgeon with a specialty in animal behavior.

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Blair Stanford - 562.537.7010 and at
Anna Stanford - 562.221.6768 and at

Our Mailing address is 5885 Falcon Ave, Long Beach, CA 90805

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Multiple projects online is the norm.

We have been working with Team 33 Productions for the past few years on assorted film projects:
"The Further Adventures of ... Blue Blazes" revised to 2018 release

Blue Blazes 01 Blue Blazes 02 Blue Blazes 03

"Invisible Sacrifice" and "Invisible Sacrifice, the Sequel".

Boldone Productions is undergoing the preliminary work on an animated short "Two Chipmunks of Barona", based on the Shakespeare play "Two Gentlemen of Verona"


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